Utilize smart contracts in blockchain to implement asset services platforms that span reality and digital space and advance the arowana ecosystem with the goal of Web 3.0

White Paper

The Arowana (ARW) Project is a block chain that processes the value of physical assets, including gold. It aims to provide a platform that can certify, exchange, and trade physical assets as digital assets to increase the ease of physical asset trade by an individual by contributing to the nurturing of business based on high credibility of innovative IT technologies including block chain, artificial intelligence, and cloud.

Based on the first 0.95 and 0.96 versions of the roadmap, the White Paper has operated convenient digital asset services and built solid credibility and recognition through community management and disclosure activities.

Through this 0.97 version, we will make efforts to expand the Arowana ecosystem by upgrading and diversifying blockchain business models and tokenomics step by step, and will successfully establish ourselves in the global market by strengthening domestic and foreign branding and marketing.


The Arowana Foundation builds the Arowana platform ecosystem with ‘Arowana Alliance,’ an association of the Hancom Group and partners with promising future values.

Based on the diverse blockchain infrastructure and the liquidity of the Arowana token, it leads the growth of the digital asset market by establishing a blockchain business model and tokenomics that coexist with the ecosystem of partner companies.

All investments will be used to increase the value of Arowana tokens, but make it a rule to ultimately return the values and profits to all of the token holders.



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