Arowana Token(ARW) Listed On MEXC Global Exchange

On June 21st, the Arowana Foundation announced the listing of the Arowana token (ARW) on the MEXC Global crypto exchange along with a USDT trading pair. Crypto investors can now trade ARW/USDT on MEXC Global with ease.

MEXC is the fifth global exchange where ARW has been listed since it started listing on Bithumb in April 2021, WiseBitcoin in August 2021, Bittrex, Uniswap, and BTCEX in March 2022.

MEXC Global is a crypto exchange based in Singapore, with about 6 million users in more than 200 countries around the world. The exchange supports one-stop trading services for digital assets such as spot, margin, leveraged ETFs, and futures trading services and is currently ranked among the top 15 (CoinMarketCap) for spot trading volume.

In addition, the Arowana Foundation is expanding its token ecosystem in various ways such as launching a real-thing connected NFT products on its own NFT Marketplace and starting staking service, supporting the ‘Klaytn’ network and adding the Arowana wallet service.

In the meantime, Arowana is constantly putting effort into building a good partnership and community. They are currently discussing domestic/overseas companies to set up a business partnership and celebrating the 1st anniversary of listing, Arowana has created a global Discord channel to enhance its communication base with users.

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